Saturday, July 06, 2013

When we weren't in the hospital...

 ...we did have some fun.
 Now that it's ridiculously hot, we head to the splash park every day. Phoebe insists on wearing her swimming cap "to keep the water out of [her] ears."
 Bruce did a week-long community soccer camp in a nearby park. While he played soccer...
 ...Phoebe hung out with her buddies from the neighborhood.
 She also made friends with some EMTs from the fire department. She invited them to her birthday party and was thrilled when she scraped her hand and they slapped a band-aid on it stat.
 We went bouldering and hiking last week.
 Scott used his crash pad that we got him for Father's Day.
We have been saying goodbye to lots of friends lately too. It's that time of year when half of our friends graduate and/or move on to bigger and better things. This is my Argentine sister, Alicia. She came here with her five kids and husband so he could attend a year-long program at Harvard. When I first met her kids, they didn't speak any English at all; I downloaded a translator app on my phone so we could chat. Now the kids are fluent and Alicia picked up more English than I did Spanish. I will miss them.

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