Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rained out

Our camping trip ended one day earlier than we had planned because of rain. In one night, it rained about five inches. The kids' tent was fine; they stayed completely dry. Our big tent had some problems though: mainly, the rain fly was so heavy-laden that one of the hooks snapped off, leaving a hole in the fly. Our sleeping bags and everything was soaked by the next morning, so we packed all our gear into the car. When we put the last few items in the car, the rain stopped - but our stuff was soaked so there was so way we were staying any longer. Since the rain had stopped, we fit in one last hike before driving home. We went to a waterfall that was gushing from the torrential rains. We all hiked above the falls, but Scott and Bruce hiked down below and saw the more spectacular view. I had the camera with me, so instead of a beautiful waterfall, a video of Phoebe acting like an elephant is what I got. Enjoy!

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