Thursday, August 15, 2013

Raymond Family weekend

Two weekends ago we had lots of family in town for Bruce's baptism on Saturday and Oliver's baby blessing on Sunday. 
We had a full house plus the Raymonds occupied a friend's place. This was a typical scene: Valerie dressed in an apron and looking through a cookbook, Phoebe "helping" (here, she is stirring filling for a blueberry pie), Nancy and Leslie playing a game, and Mark and Grandpa Bruce shucking corn.
My nephew, Sam, also came for the weekend. Lana was a champ and played this Boston-themed Monopoly game with them.
Oliver was always in someone's arms, which he was just fine with. He loves to be loved.
And he loves to be fed and burped.
Bruce's baptism on Saturday was wonderful. He selected the program: the songs, speakers, prayers, and refreshments. I said the invocation, his grandpas gave brief talks about baptism and the Holy Ghost, and he wanted Phoebe to say the closing prayer. She bagged out at the last minute because she was hoping for a microphone and wasn't satisfied that it was just a podium at the front of the room. Grandma Mars filled in at the last minute.
Before the baptism, Bruce had a little chat with the Primary president (the leader of the organization for kids under 12 years old at church). She gave him a dry erase board and told him to write down his thoughts during the baptism. As you can see, he is doing away with "wrongs."
After the baptism, we took lots of pictures with family and chowed on Bruce's chosen refreshments: blueberry muffins, fruit, ginger-chocolate cupcakes, and Oreos (yes, Oreos at 10 a.m.). Scott's three sisters and younger brother and parents all flew in to be with us for the occasion. My parents and nephew came as well.

Afterward, I asked Bruce how he felt. He gave me one hyphenated word: "warm-hearted."
This is the first time Scott and his siblings have all been together in awhile. They're already making plans for a family trip next year.
Sunday was Oliver's day to shine. He wore a white gown that Grandma Mars found for him; when I pulled out Bruce's old blessing outfit, it didn't fit Oliver. Oliver was blessed at church surrounded by friends and family. Phoebe really wanted to be involved; mostly, she wanted to show off "her baby." So after the  blessing, Phoebe rushed up front and helped Scott hoist Oliver up and then carry him back to our pew.

The whole weekend left me "warm-hearted" and so thankful for my family. I am so thankful that Bruce is such a good amazing kid that thinks seriously and generally makes good choices. I am thankful that Phoebe is independent, spunky, and so caring toward her brothers. I am thankful that Oliver is here and healthy. I am thankful that Scott finished intern year and his schedule allows him to spend more time with us. I am thankful that our parents were so helpful to us throughout the summer and were able to be with us this weekend.

Life is good, so good.

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