Sunday, September 01, 2013

The summer bucket list

At the beginning of the summer, I told Bruce and Phoebe that this summer wouldn't be like the last: we weren't going to go to busy museums or late-night outdoor movies. We had to protect Oliver foremost, and our summer fun would have to come second to that. I told the kids to make a list of the things they really wanted to do this summer and we would do as many things as we could. Here is their list (with a few notes here and there):

1. Go to "Big Slide Park."
2. Eat at Q'doba.
3. Have some playdates.
4. Go to the zoo.
5. Go to Dunkin Donuts (sooo many times).
6. Paint.
7. Go to Wingaersheek Beach.
8. Pick blueberries.
9. Take the train to Maine.
10. Go raspberry picking.
11. Make a pinata (this was my favorite. Phoebe made and decorated a cupcake-shaped pinata, we filled it with candy, and invited a few kids over to break it one afternoon. We will have to do this every summer, and maybe next time I'll actually get pictures of it).
12. Go to an art museum.
13. See a movie in the theater (Monsters University!).
14. Go bowling.
15. Go to Grandma's house.
16. Go to the gym (we went to a bounce house gym and counted it).
17. Go to the "yellow splash park" (pictured below).
18. Make a lemonade stand (pictured above. Phoebe passed out about five glasses of lemonade before she got bored and moved on to other things).
19. Take cookies to firefighters. 
20. See an outdoor movie.

We did pretty well but did not get to #4, 9, 14, or 15. Maybe next summer?

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Blogger Eisha said...

So awesome! Your list makes me miss America! We go to school year round in Australia and our summer break is over Christmas so it is really busy with festivities. The lemonade stand is classic!

4:18 AM  

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