Sunday, August 25, 2013

Firefighter Phoebe

 Phoebe is in a firefighter phase. It all started a few months ago at a community event when Phoebe tripped and fell, and a firefighter EMT gave her a band-aid. She has been obsessed ever since, talking constantly about the firefighters and EMTs and how she is going to be one someday. A few weeks ago we took cookies to the local fire station and fueled Phoebe's obsession. The next day we got an offer from an old friend who is a firefighter nearby; we headed over to the fire station with more cookies and got a deluxe tour.
 The kids got to sit in the ambulance,
 and the firetruck,
 and check out the bagpipes,
 and try on some gear.
While on the tour, Bruce and Phoebe found out that our friends were going camping the following weekend with our old church congregation (remember this last year?). They spent the rest of the week begging and begging to go camping too. Not only do these kids love camping, but now Firefighter Brian would be there too - and that is something they didn't want to miss.

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