Monday, June 02, 2014

Happy birthday to the boys

May is birthday month at our house. With Bruce's and Oliver's birthdays two days apart, we ate a lot of cake. Because Bruce's birthday was kindof a downer last year, we went all out this year. Bruce invited all his friends for a Minecraft-y party at the park. He chose the menu: strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, chocolate-covered pretzels with sprinkles, graham crackers, and ginger chocolate cupcakes.
He invited about a dozen friends, including a few girls that are in love with Oliver. This kid got plenty of attention.
The best part was smashing the Creeper Pinata. It was filled with silver (Hershey Kisses and Yorks) and gold (Rolos).
Bruce invited girls to his party, but the girls mostly hung out with Oliver and Phoebe while the boys blabbered about Minecraft and Pokemon. One of Bruce's friends also had a birthday that week, but we couldn't make it to his party. We gave him his gift - a Minecraft cheat book - and it became the life of the party.

Bruce's party was the weekend after his birthday; he had plenty of fun on his actual birthday too. He had waffles for breakfast, took chocolate chip banana bread to share at school, ate fish sticks and homemade fries for dinner, and opened up a few gifts (the highlight being a Minecraft subscription). He had a piano lesson that night and brought a piece of cake for his teacher. She asked what the cake was for and he said, "It's my birthday."

"Happy birthday! I guess I can't say anything bad about you today," she said.

"That's okay," Bruce said. "You can say whatever you want. I had such a great day, it doesn't matter what you say."

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