Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Summer time

Summer is in full swing and we are taking advantage of each sunny day. Today we picked blueberries. The kids are their weight in berries, but we somehow managed to come out of the field with seven pounds. We will be making a lot of blueberry muffins.

Our neighborhood has an annual Fourth of July party with bounce houses and food and such. The kids bounced for about four hours. We skipped fireworks this year; between the mega-party and Scott working that night, I didn't feel like dragging everyone out of the house and staying up late.

Our parks have lots of activities over the summer. Phoebe could stay busy just at parks all day every day this summer.
The kids had a lemonade and cookie stand. We made homemade chocolate chip cookies and homemade lemonade. Bruce sold the cookies for a quarter each. Phoebe sold the lemonade for "a smile." They made about ten bucks (I made Bruce split the money with Phoebe). 

Some summer days still bring rain, so one rainy day we spent at the Children's Museum. That place never gets old.

Phoebe recently acquired rollerblades and is building her skills quickly.

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let me know if there is another lemonade/cookie sale!

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