Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hanging in here.

Phoebe had her annual physical a few weeks ago. It was discovered that her vision isn't very good so we went to get her fitted for eyeglasses. She was not excited about glasses at first, but we have been mentioning all the cool people who wear them. I let her pick out glasses in hopes that she will wear them every day. She picked out blue ("not pink!") glasses that have a rectangular shape ("not circle-y!") and cartoon chickens on the sides (random, but what do you expect?!). We ordered them online, so only 6-8 more business days to go.
Oliver continues to be the life of the party. He naps like a champ, tantrums like a champ, and dances like a champ. We recently acquired a disco ball for our living room window and for about a half-hour every day, the sun shines on it and makes a party. Oliver yells, "Spin!" and then busts a move.
Bruce likes to hide from cameras these days but sometimes I still find gems like this on my phone. Bruce lost two teeth in three days but hasn't stashed them under his pillow yet. He says he knows I'm the tooth fairy. 

Scott continues to plod onward through residency. He signed up for a trail ultra marathon in December and is spending lots of time running every weekend. 

I am running a turkey trot on Thanksgiving but don't have any big serious races coming up for a few months so I am just enjoying running. I've been running with a woman at church who is gearing up for her first 5K in a few weeks. I ran a ridiculously long workout last night with a few teammates who are running a marathon in a few weeks. It is getting cool in the mornings but it is good to see the sun rise. 



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