Sunday, August 02, 2015


We worked hard on our bucket list to check a few more things off. Taza Chocolate Factory is one of our favorite places to smell and taste. Bruce is good about using the little tweezers on the sample plate, but Phoebe sometimes gets impatient and goes in for a grab.

Phoebe won a gift certificate to BBQ restaurant Redbones at a soccer camp and treated us to some good southern cooking. She was pretty proud.

We went to Falmouth on Cape Cod for a day. It was a Monday morning and the entire beach was ours!
We could see Martha's Vineyard across the water, but thankfully no sharks.

My brother, Will, came to town for a quick visit. He had some work things to do, but played lots too. We got Mike's Pastry treats and watched lots of silly YouTube videos together. Good times!

We attended a "family fun day" event at a park and saw Phoebe's best friend there. Best friend + bounce house + face painting + crafts = awesome day.

Scott's Aunt Sandra, Uncle Karl, and uncle's sister Virgene visited Boston. They did a lot of sightseeing on their own, but we did go to the Boston Temple together and we took them to the Raymond family cemetery in Beverly, Massachusetts. 

This was another check off the bucket list. These kids sure love the water. 

We went to an outdoor movie at the park. The evening started with activities (make your own brain hat)...

...and a magician (Phoebe helped magically color a coloring book)...

...and ended by watching "Penguins of Madagascar." The kids gave it six thumbs up. 

On our last full day in Boston for the summer, we went to the Museum of Science. 

We watched baby chicks hatch, learned about space travel, and analyzed our body' capabilities (that would be Phoebe measuring the efficiency of her gait).

After all this summer fun, how can we top that?! 

We are headed to Washington D.C. for one month! While Scott attends a radiology course, we will be playing and seeing all the sites in a new city. 

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