Saturday, September 19, 2015


After four weeks of Washington DC, we hopped in the car and headed for Ohio. It's a mere six hours drive, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see family this summer. Ohio always makes the summer bucket list. The drive was okay and when we arrived, the kids went straight for the four-wheelers and jeeps. The backyard is amazing.
The next morning the fun continued with Grandpa giving tractor rides (yes, that's a covered wagon trailer!).
On Saturday, Scott and I went on a date. Our anniversary was on Friday, but we spent that day driving with a car-full of kids! Canoeing and picnicking was much more romantic.
This is before bedtime on Saturday night: having a dance-laser-light saber party. Because it's Grandma's house and that's what we do.
On Sunday we went to church and relaxed. We watched hot air balloons from the backyard.
We celebrated my niece's birthday with a flourless chocolate cake.
On Monday we played with cousins. 
And paddled around the pond.
And the usual.
On Tuesday we went to the county fair. It's a big deal where I come from. 
We milked fake cows...
...swam in dry corn...
...and went to the Demolition Derby. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - the kids or the adults. Watching cars smash into each other is awesome.
I went for some nice long runs with my brother, Dan. He is running the Akron Marathon in a few weeks, so we had lots of miles to run. I ran into this little guy on my run: a baby snapping turtle. 
We did a fair amount of this. Relaxation. Ahhhhh.
We picked apples...
...and scrubbed every one of them... we could make apple cider. Delicious.
It's Ohio. We got out the bounce house.
We went rock climbing with cousins.
Phoebe did laps on the wall for more than an hour. She never seems to tire.
On Saturday we had a family gathering at a boathouse. We ate lots of food, played games, chatted and teased, and did some boating too.
Ahoy there Bruce.
Had a little grilling incident. The fire
Extinguisher was out but we didn't end up using it. Whew!
I love my family.
On Sunday we drove back to Boston. It was a long drive and our day got longer when our brakes got stuck somewhere around State College, Pennsylvania. The brake caliper was stuck clamped to the rotor, making an awful grinding sound. We stopped and got it fixed, but it took five hours and cost so much that I'm trying to forget the exact number. Ugh.

After so long on the road, it is great to be back. I love sleeping in my own bed and I really missed cooking in my kitchen. 


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The County Fair is a big deal for me too! Our family went to the LA County Fair every year.

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