Friday, July 01, 2016

Summer has arrived!

Hurray for summer! We skipped school to go camping, but came back for the final week of school. The kids did a lot of playing - field day, fun run, etc - but also had some legitimate business to attend to. Bruce's school had a nice fifth grade graduation ceremony. It wasn't too overdone or stuffy - no caps and gowns, dressing up was optional, etc. But each of the 40 kids have a short speech, mostly thanking teachers and such. Then the teachers thanked each kid and handed them a certificate. Bruce loved being at the top of the school and is a little sad about moving on to middle school and being at the bottom of the totem pole again.
He is excited though too. We went to a middle school open house a few weeks ago and he met a few kids, saw the facility, and learned about the gazillions of programs available.
Phoebe is sad to leave kindergarten but happy to finally be a first grader. We will still see plenty of her kindergarten teachers: Val sometimes babysits the kids (she claims she loves it) and we are watching Justin's pet snake for the summer...
Domingo is a four-foot-long corn snake. I just hope he doesn't get out.
The day after school let out, we lazed about for a few hours and then went strawberry picking. Phoebe is an excellent berry picker. Bruce too. Oliver, not so much. I think he ate every one he picked and then moved on to the ones we had picked. Happy summer!



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