Monday, June 18, 2007

Family Beach Date

Last week there were a few cool days: it felt like early spring all over again! The weather is so random here. One day we wore sweaters and the next we went to the beach in shorts - although long sleeves were nice with the cool sea breeze.

On Friday afternoon, we headed to the beach for a family date. We had a picnic, flew a kite, dug around in the sand, collected a few rocks and shells, and just hung out. After awhile, we packed our things and drove a mile to the start of a 5k road race.

The race is one of the many tiny hometown races around New England that I just love. Lots of cool people, good food, chatty runners, chill atmosphere, etc. Scott, Bruce, and I jogged it together. This was Bruce's first race in the stroller and he loved it. He kept saying, "Race! Runners! Fast!" We came in at 22:55, which isn't bad for lugging a stroller.


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