Monday, July 02, 2007

iPhone Weekend

We can't get enough of the beach!

Last week my company went into hyperdrive preparing for the 6pm Friday release of the iPhone. My coworkers took turns camping out in line at the Apple and Cingular stores; I was scheduled for night shifts but thank goodness the line didn't form until Friday morning. On Friday night, the company purchased two phones and everyone met up at the office to do a sort of assembly line review. Everyone had a job and mine was to review the camera phone part of things. Everyone else raved about the iPhone, but its camera really stinks. It's no better than the one on my free phone.

After staying up late Friday night for that madness, I was ready to head out on Saturday. Our friend Natalya, whom Scott used to work with in an ultrasound lab and is from Russia, rented a condo at Old Orchard Beach in Maine for the week. Her granddaughter was visiting so they decided to go someplace cool. Old Orchard Beach was cool. It's a big beach with soft sand and lots of it. The town is kitschy with cute cafes and motels that advertise color television in neon lights. There's a park with an old wooden roller coaster and a ferris wheel.

Bruce loved it! At first all he could do was throw himself into the sand repeatedly. He'd put his arms up real high, then do a belly flop into the sand. A few times he had his tongue out, so we had to do some sand extraction. He played with toys (both ours and those that belonged to other kids!) and dug many holes in the sand.


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