Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Random Update

Bruce was just jumping on the couch (time-out material) and half-landed on the armrest, bumping his little bum. He ran up to me and said "Mommy, I hurt my bum. Kiss it?" Um, no.

Scott went backpacking last weekend with some Scouts from church. From Scott's tales, it sounds like the boys showed up in hoodies and jeans to hike up a mountain. Scott rationed out his frosted animal crackers and granola bars so all the boys made it back alive.

Bruce and I went to an old mill that was having a fall open house. I think we were the only people there under 60. We took a tour and checked out all the tools, then sat down and watched live jazz music. I sat down, anyways. Bruce danced. The longer we stayed, the more comfortable we got. The band played "Route 66" and afterwards said something about the little guy dancing in the aisle probably has enough energy to run down Route 66. After awhile, the guitarist let Bruce come up and strum the guitar in between songs. Bruce loved it - but then he didn't want to do anything else but that. He started getting closer and closer to the guitarist while he was playing, so I finally picked him up and left. It was nice while it lasted though.


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