Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scott the Model

Scott finished his thesis proposal last weekend. He meets with his thesis committee this week: good luck Scott!

Bruce and I went on a hayride this week. It was supposed to be a "haunted hayride" but the dog-shaped hay bales just weren't that scary. Bruce paid more attention to the tractors, pumpkins, trucks, and standard farm equipment than the tacky decorations strewn in the field. Halloween is coming. We've bought our candy to pass out but haven't come up with a costume yet. Check back next week for pictures of the surprise costume.

The pictures are from walking around last Sunday; the weather was gorgeous! The last picture is Bruce helping to make cupcakes (or at least clean the bowl out!) for "linger longer," a church activity I helped put on where everyone gets together after church and eats food and socializes.


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