Monday, June 30, 2008

Vintage Emily Photos

I found some old photos on my parents' computer, so here are a few to share. I can't remember if this is at Nationals or Pre-Nationals, but there I am in Indiana. Yippee.
This was the summer of 2002 I think. My fam was in San Diego for a few weeks. While my dad worked, we swam and played at the beach (and ate large pizzas). And ran. Lots of running there. It was gorgeous.
This was at my high school graduation. We were supposed to wear nice dresses and white shoes. So I wore my track uniform and some old Skechers. Take that.
My bro was my hairdresser for my senior Prom. Thanks Dave. I poked my date in the eye more than once.
This is me many moons ago. I think Bruce makes this face every once in awhile.


Blogger Lindsay said...

Don't you just love old photos? Looking good Emily!

11:46 PM  
Blogger Strong Clan said...

Hey Emily this is Tiffany Rust - haha - now Tiffany Strong!
Let me say you look rockin' in the pictures. It made me laugh so hard to see your crazy hair. I was telling Will, my husband, that you would be friends. He is just as crazy, still! It rocks!
How are you doing?
I am an official blogger now - such a dork!

3:34 PM  

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