Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Bruce dressed up as a skeleton this year. He wanted to be a dancing skeleton from Harry Potter because his best friend dressed up as Harry. Phoebe wasn't sure what she wanted to be, or at least she was sure but sure about something different every day.
 Some days she would want to be a princess, some days a firefighter, some days Mr. Incredible, some days a doctor, and some a tiger. She found this costume at a clothing swap at church. It is supposed to be Tigger, but she has never seen Winnie the Pooh; when people asked her if she was Tigger, she would correct them by saying she was a tiger and then growling at them.
The kids scored lots of candy this year. We had trick-or-treating among our immediate neighbors on one night, did trick-or-treating at the fire station on Halloween during the day, and then headed to Beacon Hill for their first real knock-on-the-door-style trick-or-treating. Phoebe has already eaten through a good portion of her candy. Bruce's will last until Easter unless Phoebe gets her hands on it; Bruce isn't really into candy, just into the pursuit of it.

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