Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi Blogosphere, we've been busy.

 We have had a busy few weeks and things are finally slowing down enough to blog about it. Two weeks ago, my brother came to town for a day to deliver some of the doors he makes for work. Bruce and Phoebe had a lot of fun heckling Uncle Dan and Cousin Sam, who came along for the ride (and to play Lego Star Wars with Bruce).
 Our church's youth program held a babysitting fundraiser, so we took advantage of that. Phoebe called it "The Young Women's Party" and fell in love with a sweet 9-year-old boy that gave her lots of attention and fed her lots of snacks.
We still carved out some playtime every day, but the latter end of last week was crammed. I organized a blood drive at church last Thursday afternoon. This drive was more packed than the last and I recruited more help this time too, which was necessary: part-way through the drive, I left so Baby J could get picked up on time and Bruce, Phoebe, and I could head to the airport.
We took the train to the bus to the airport and somehow made it in time for our flight to Ohio. When I asked the kids why we were going to Ohio, their responses included: "To play in the basement!" "To feed the ducks with Grandpa!" "To ride the Jeep!" "To play with my cousins!" But mostly we went for my little brother's wedding, to be documented in another post to come soon...

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