Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The New Normal

We are finally settling into some sort of routine. After Bruce heads off to school with Grandma Raymond and Phoebe, I hitch a ride to the hospital and hang out with Oliver during school hours. Oliver was wide awake this morning (it was during his "feed" so he's getting grub via that tube in his nose), and completely calm. Mostly I sit by his bedside, pump milk every 2-3 hours, and just watch his every breath. It doesn't get old. Every three hours, I get to take his temperature and change his diaper. Sometimes I get to hold him too.

After my morning fix, I head home and attempt to do something with Bruce and Phoebe. Yesterday I wasn't very successful: I ended up taking a nap while the kids went to the park and then played. Thanks to Grandma Raymond, the kids get their wiggles out when my wiggles are long gone.

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Blogger Nancy Raymond said...

That video is the cutest. my heart just melted.

1:22 AM  

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