Sunday, September 01, 2013

Laborious Weekend

School starts on Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, so this weekend marks the end of summer for us. We celebrated by going to the Spencer Fair, a small-town event complete with animals, rides, exhibits, and shows. We got there right as it opened and had the place to ourselves for part of the day, which was fantastic: we toured the animal barns first and Bruce and Phoebe got to hold baby chicks without waiting in line and ask bored 4-H members about their animals.
After the animal barns, exhibits, and coloring, we saw some shows. We went to a tiger and elephant show and watched them do tricks. We also went to a "lumberjill show," where we saw ladies chop stuff and throw axes and compete in log-rolling and such. At one point in the show, they asked for a volunteer to come sit on a freshly chopped log-chair that they made. Bruce was picked, modeled the chair, and got to take it home.
 I told the kids they could pick one ride at the end of the day, but it would have to be one they could both go on. They couldn't agree on a ride, so we left with Phoebe kicking and screaming. That night when Scott asked what they did that day, Phoebe said, "I did NOT go on the carousel."
 On Saturday we headed to Mt. Cardigan, which ended up being more of an educational experience for us. We came here when Bruce turned three years old, so we figured Phoebe would be fine hiking it. What were we thinking?! These two kids are totally different: Bruce is focused and a fast hiker, while Phoebe gets distracted by every rock and stick along the way. We remembered that once we got started.
 It took us nearly two hours to hike to the top of Mt. Firescrew, the smaller neighboring mountain that comes on the trail first. Because it took so long and rain was in the forecast that afternoon, we turned and headed back down rather than pushing onward to summit Cardigan. It was a smart move: it began to rain just as we hiked into the parking lot.
Today is quieter: we had church this morning and we are having friends over for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we are going to a friend's to BBQ some stuff (veggies? tofu?) and then Tuesday it's back to SCHOOL.

I am excited. Can you tell? It's been a fun/rewarding/exhausting summer.

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