Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby's First Car Accident

 ...and hopefully the last! The weekend started out right, with a family outing to Chestnut Hill Reservoir for the BYU Alumni & Friends 5K. I ran a 21:20 (much better than my last attempt!) for the win (but let me say that the alumni were scared off by the cold weather and/or BYU doesn't have many friends in Boston). After the race and a quick shower, we headed out again - this time to meet up with a neighbor to walk around a pond and let the kids ride bikes together. We never made it to the pond though. We got T-boned instead.

We were driving along and a Mini Cooper pulled right into us! It was a rental car driven by a foreign student (from a country where they drive on the other side of the road) - a recipe for disaster. He was pulling out of a gas station and looking the wrong way. Despite Scott honking the horn and swerving a bit, the Mini Cooper still smashed into our passenger side, crumpling both doors and bending the frame along the bottom.

Thankfully, we are fine; Oliver even slept through the whole thing. We were all a bit shocked, but the kids were more upset about not going biking afterward. I'm not very excited about dealing with insurance, auto body repair shops, getting new car seats, etc., but at least we won't be paying for it?! 



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