Monday, September 23, 2013

Good things are happening.

 Life is so good. Oliver started smiling a few weeks ago. He didn't smile at Scott for two weeks, so Scott was skeptical. But Oliver finally cracked a smile for him.
 Oliver also started sleeping a lot better and more regularly. He gets up once a night now and it makes me feel like a whole new person. Awesome.
Oliver is four months old now and is chubbing up nicely. This is good because I've been ignoring doctor's advice to keep pumping and mixing in extra calories - partly because I hate pumping and partly because my current breastpump is dying and I don't want to buy another one. I figure as long as he is gaining weight, it's fine, right?!
 In other good news, Phoebe just got accepted into a preschool that is 1) located at Bruce's school so is convenient, and 2) is free because she will be a "typical learner" in a group with some kids who have developmental delays or language barriers. She was on a long waiting list that I'd given up hope on, but when I told her she was going to be in preschool she got very excited. We have been doing "home preschool" together, learning letters and studying bees; Phoebe misses socializing with friends though. I'll admit that I'm very excited too. There is hope for this blog!
 Phoebe is a good helper and entertainer for Oliver, but she will love having preschool for a few hours every day.
 A few weeks ago when I gave up hope on preschool, I signed Phoebe up for a ballet class. She has been dancing around the living room for awhile, so we got her some ballet slippers and made it official.
 She loves her class so much that she even lets me put a headband in her hair.
In other good news, I am finally starting to do track workouts again and am signed up for a cross country race this weekend. I won't impress anyone, but I am looking forward to donning the Greater Boston singlet next to my teammates. Scott is loving his work at MGH. Sometimes he gets confused in the middle of the night and says strange work-related things. Last night at 11:30 p.m. he tried to tell me that Bruce was in the bathroom and felt like throwing up because he just had a bone scan. What?! A few weeks ago he made some comment about a CAT scan he was trying to read at 2 a.m. Anyway, he is living the dream.

Or maybe we all are.

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Blogger heather said...

I just read the post above this and this one. And let me assure you, you impressed at least one person with running any race at all, and at sub-8 minute pace (which I haven't seen since giving birth). And I could just feel that downhill c-section pain way too vividly...ugh. So basically, you're me hero and you have an ADORABLE baby.

9:56 AM  

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