Friday, November 08, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was the extent of our trick-or-treating this year: the fire station open house. The kids got goodie bags filled with candy and a glow stick. We picked up a friend for the festivities and a playdate; she makes a lovely cupcake.
 The best part was climbing all over the fire trucks.
In case you can't tell, Phoebe is ecstatic to be at the wheel of a ladder truck. 
Oliver was a little lion. He has an awesome lobster costume that I was going to put him in that night, but we didn't end up going so we might just have to do a photo shoot in his lobster costume just because.
And finally, I didn't get many pictures of Phoebe's birthday party, but here's a little peek at what we did. That would be a burning building with watercolor "fire" that faded and ran when squirted by the "fire hose" (a.k.a. turkey baster).
 We also played a "find the fire hydrant" game and smashed a pinata.
We ended with a lunch of macaroni and cheese, peas, strawberries, and ginger chocolate cupcakes. Phoebe loves counting to four, and is already looking forward to being "a whole hand" (five) next year.


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