Monday, June 02, 2014

One year.

Oliver's birthday was a much quieter affair than his brother's. It was a beautiful day out, so we played at the park...
 ...and played the piano too. He loves pounding the keys.
 We caught a glimpse of Bruce at school recess.
 And we had a little family party that evening. Phoebe was a big helper: she blew out his candle...
 ...and opened his present (she picked it out too! Can you tell?).

Oliver loved his chocolate cake and even fed himself quite a bit of it. This was something to celebrate too: he has had trouble grabbing things and putting them to his mouth. That's been a blessing when Bruce's Legos have been left on the floor, but it's been a problem for feeding and it's been something we are working on with Early Intervention.
At one year old, Oliver is 18 lb 1 oz. He is in the 6th percentile for weight and 60th for height; this I blame on the Raymond genes. Oliver actually lost weight in the past few weeks. He had RSV (remember that failed attempt at getting insurance to cover the vaccine? Grrrrr) and refused to eat solid food for awhile. He never got bad enough to be hospitalized, but he got very wheezy and even two months later wakes up coughing in the mornings. Anyway, between the sickness/ lack of appetite and the increased mobility, he slimmed down a bit. The doctor gave me the rundown about high-calorie dieting (which we totally love in this house) and we've been attempting to drink whole milk ever since (drinking/ sipping from a cup is another thing we are working on with Early Intervention - it is slow going).
 At one year old, here are some things Oliver loves: sticking his finger in my nose, unrolling the toilet paper roll, breastfeeding all the time (still), watching the washer and dryer spin, knocking down towers of blocks or stacking cups, taking baths, laughing with Bruce and Phoebe, shredding paper, throwing books off the shelf, eating at 4 a.m., snuggling and hugging, and playing with my hair (another habit that has lingered from birth).

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Blogger Strong Clan said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!! I can't believe it has been a year. I prayed for you and your beautiful mama everyday she was in the hospital. You are a lucky little boy to have such a courageous and fantastic mommy. Love you all the way from Utah!!

PS - Emily, Early intervention ROCKS ALL MY SOCKS!!

2:38 PM  

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