Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photo-dump from the Buckeye State

 Here is why we love Ohio: 1) a backyard AND a swing-set.
 2) a small-town fire department willing to let Phoebe spray the hoses, ride in the truck, and hang out shoulder to shoulder with firefighters.

 3) friends with swimming pools and toys.
 4) stuff with wheels and no downstairs neighbors to hear us wheeling stuff around on the hardwood floors.
 5) creativity welcome here! The kids decorated the four-wheeler, bikes, and tractors for their own Fourth of July backyard parade.
 6) Amish Country. We spent a day at my sister's friends' home...
 ...taking photos,
 going on buggy rides...
 We saw some beautiful places along the ride.
Bruce was not amused by the jittery buggy ride. Oliver clung to me with the same look of fear. Phoebe, however, was over the moon and wanted the horse to go faster.
 7) almost all of my family is there! We visited Grandma, weeded her gardens, and ate many many many cookies.
 8) chickens! We ate fresh eggs and even got chicken hugs.
 9) space! Phoebe and Uncle Chris took to the four-wheeler and sped all over the backyard.

 10) X-Box with Minecraft at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Plus cousins. Yessss.
 11) a bounce house to expend all excess energy.
Bruce and Phoebe pointed out all the "for sale" signs that we saw in Ohio. Now to find a neuro-interventional-radiologist position in another half-dozen years or so...

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