Thursday, October 23, 2014

So far, October has been a Zoo.

Where has this month gone? Let me tell you: we have been about our normal business of having fun and going to school, we had a birthday party for Phoebe, we flew across the country to visit family, and now we are back to the daily grind.
 About once a month, the kids get off school a few hours early so the teachers can have meetings. We take the opportunity of a long afternoon to go someplace fun - like the zoo.
 We checked out the gorillas for a long time. They are very aware of having an audience and entertained us by leaping around, jumping over each other, and coming up to the glass for a hello.
 Among the group of gorillas is a very energetic four-year-old. He teased the bigger gorillas, pestered his mom by jumping on her back, and picked all the cherry tomatoes out of his feed.
 We have a lot in common.
 The gorillas were our fav, but we saw lots of other animals at the zoo. The kids loved walking through this bird exhibit and feeding the birds with sticks of honey and seeds. Oliver kept trying to grab the birds; unfortunately I don't have a great picture of this because I was trying to keep him from killing the zoo animals.



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