Friday, August 29, 2014

Camp Mom

 I have not been posting much this summer, but it isn't for lack of stuff to post about. It is the lack of time to blog at all. We have been hitting up the local splash parks, modeled above by a hyper Oliver. He took his first step on his "due date birthday" (July 16) at 14 months and just this week started letting go of the couches and walls to finally walk across whole rooms. And now he is everywhere.
 We went to a few outdoor movies at the parks. I think I love going to these as much as the kids. It's like going to a drive-in movie theater minus the cars.
 Bruce signed up for two weeks of summer camp this year. One week was a Lego-building-themed camp through his school; he saw lots of his friends there, played with lots of Legos, and visited the new Legoland nearby. The other week was a youth safety day camp run by the county sheriff. Bruce was a "cadet" for a week and did police training, fire drills, trust exercises, and the like. He got a deluxe tour of a fire station one day and Phoebe was terribly jealous. Pictured above is his graduation on the last day of camp.
 At graduation, we got to eat lunch with the cadets and check out a few emergency vehicles. Phoebe still prefers firetrucks, but this motorcycle is a close second.
 Phoebe learned how to meditate from a neighbor, so does it when she is super-bored - like when picking Bruce up from camp and waiting for him to go potty...
 The rest of the summer was Camp Mom. We did lots of fun stuff, only some of which is properly documented. We went to the Children's Museum...
 ...checked out the snakes...
 ...ate lunch outside and fished for crabs...
 ...and spent some time in the toddler play area. Oliver loved having a space to crawl around in and not get run over by bigger kids.
 Look at those giant teeth. We need to stop breastfeeding. For reals.
 Oliver is still a little behind developmentally, but he is making progress. He just started imitating sounds - "nonono" and "ahhhh-choo" are two favorites. He loves pointing at airplanes and is obsessed with all things that spin. At his 15-month well-baby check-up, he was 19.5 pounds. He is in the 8th percentile for weight, but the 78th percentile for height. I think that's a Raymond thing?
Finally, here is another we crossed off our bucket list: bouncy houses. Check!
 And another must-do on the list: the Arlington Ward campout! Phoebe followed Firefighter Brian around, we all hiked and hunted for bugs, and we got a lot more sleep this year than last.
 Speaking of firefighters, we have been seeing a lot of "our guys" this summer. This is what Phoebe calls our local crew at the firehouse. She makes them art work and they have been hanging it up in their kitchen. There is a "Phoebe corner" at the station.
 She gets the royal treatment.
 And I have to post this: this kid is so funny. Now that he is walking, nothing is safe. More childproofing is needed!

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