Tuesday, September 09, 2014

School is in!

School is back in! We had a great summer, but we were all ready for school to start again. Bruce was ready to hang out with kids his age and talk Minecraft and Pokemon all day. Phoebe was excited to start junior kindergarten with Bruce's former teacher, who she idolizes. And I am ready for some one-on-one time with Oliver! (As well as some blogging and work while he sleeps.)
 We celebrated our last few days of summer in style. We headed for the White Mountains and went for a hike...
 ...requiring large amounts of chocolate-filled trail mix.
 We hiked to some waterfalls and Phoebe and Scott even went for a little dip in the frigid water.
 Bruce found this awesome tree growing atop a boulder.
On Labor Day, we headed to New Haven for the New Haven 20K. This race has been on my bucket list for awhile; it is the USATF 20K National Championships, so it is always very competitive. Unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative: it was hot and very humid. I felt like I was melting after the first 5K! I had a few really awful miles, but pulled it together in the end for a 1:28:13 - 31st female. I am not proud of that time, but no one ran the time they intended. Someone even said the winning time was the slowest in 30-something years! Next race up is the Akron Half Marathon and I am hoping it will be a little cooler so I can go a little faster!

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