Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy July!

July 4: we spent the day swimming and playing at Harold Parker State Park, then stopped by our neighborhood's annual celebration (pictured above - always awesome). Scott and Phoebe went to the fireworks while Bruce, Oliver and I went to bed!
The summer routine: Bruce did a four-week internship at City Sprouts. He cared for a school garden, learned to cook, visited restaurants and food pantries and farms and other food-related places (like a chocolate factory!) and got paid $100 to do it. It was four hours a day, so while he did that Phoebe and Oliver and I visited lots of parks and libraries and such.
Pretty much all the parks have arts and crafts and bubbles and activities for kids in the mornings, so we took full advantage.
July 7: Phoebe's restaurant's grand opening. She put on our summer bucket list that she wanted to go to Rainforest Cafe, but we later found out that it closed. So I told her she should make her own Rainforest Cafe. She ditched the animal theme and instead called it "Yummy in my Tummy." She put together a menu, shopped for ingredients, and trained her wait staff (Bruce). 
We sent out invites to her exclusive trendy pop-up restaurant and about a dozen customers came. 
She really wants to do it again sometime, so keep an eye out for her next pop-up.
One thing our summer is not complete without is Barn Babies. It's like a tiny petting zoo of baby animals that come to the library. Phoebe especially loves this. 
Her favorite is the diapered goat. 
But the swaddled ducklings were a hit too.



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