Friday, October 14, 2016

More photos because Maine is beautiful

 Here is the cottage we stayed at in Maine. It was a super-old house, built before plumbing was a thing. Two bathrooms were added in more recent years, but you have to sit on the toilet sideways to fit in the bathroom. Awesome. It was great though: it's nice to have a backyard for even just a few days.
We did lots of hiking. The kids did great and we had our best family hiking experience since Oliver was born.
He always had a stick in his hand, often using it as a lightsaber or pointing it like a gun and telling people to put their hands up. It's a little disturbing coming from a three-year-old.

 He does cute things too though: he picked up these leaves and wanted to carry them back for his preschool teachers.
 This is the lake behind the cottage. It was small and shallow, so perfect for the kids.
 Look - there is photographic evidence that I exist!
 Scott took Phoebe out...

...and Oliver too. He seems to have forgotten that last kayaking incident. He was pretty happy.
 We brought the kids' bikes. They love getting a little more freedom than they get on city streets.
 We hiked a place called Step Falls.
 We enjoyed the view from the top, slid down some slick rocks, and headed down.
 On the way down, Oliver tripped and fell. He was running downhill with a stick in his hand and didn't let go of the stick to brace his fall, so face-planted in the dirt and rocks and roots.
We made a few more stops for side-of-the-road waterfalls and such.
Phoebe was pretty stoked that she photo-bombed the boys.

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Maine is beautiful, great to see you creating the opportunity for your family to spend time there!

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