Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Ohio Adventures

While in Ohio, we had some other adventures. A family friend let us come visit her awesome place that has donkeys.
We got to see a baby donkey that was just a few hours old.
We spent a lot of time at her pool.
We went swimming a few times because it was sooooo hot. 
We went to Great-Grandma's house to eat all her cookies. She gave Bruce a big box of comics that she cut from the newspaper because she knows Bruce loves comics.
We visited my brother, Dan's, backyard farm. He has a goat and alpacas...
...and chickens. 
We visited my brother, David's, house and hung out with his posse too. He also has chickens, kittens, a dog, a trampoline, beehives, play set, and a gigantic garden. The kids loved playing with their cousins. I loved going for a long run with David; he knows every road around, where all the dogs live and their temperaments, and where to find "water stops" (garden hoses close enough to the road to swipe a sip from). When we got home from our run, David's wife Sarah had homemade bread made into French toast with eggs from their chickens and served with honey from their bees and strawberry jam from their garden. This is what heaven tastes like.
We visited my sister, Karyn, and her family. We went to a cool creek and searched for frogs and salamanders and such. 
My brother, Chris, took Phoebe for an airplane ride. 
They flew over my parents' house and Phoebe got to steer for a bit. They flew by a hot air balloon too. Awesome!

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