Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Ohio!

It took us 11 hours to drive to Ohio - about 10 hours driving and an hour of getting gas, scarfing down lunch at McDonalds, and...
...getting our crazies out.
But we eventually made it. The kids wasted no time. Within an hour, they had already gone for a tractor ride with grandpa, fed ducks, picked blackberries, and we went out for pizza and ice cream shortly after.
The local ice cream joint has a bunch of kiddie rides for a penny or quarter. 
Phoebe really wanted to play "Pretty Pretty Princess" with her cousin Sam. He was kind enough to play with her. She isn't really into jewelry and girly stuff, so she may just be playing this just to see Sam get beautified.
Most days we spent lots of time in the backyard: playing with cousins, blowing bubbles with grandpa, 
Riding the jeeps,
Swinging on grapevines in the woods,
Picking berries,
Riding four-wheelers,
Playing on the swing set (this plane swing has a button that turns the solar-powered propellor on the front!),
Catching toads,
Bouncing in the bounce house,
And roasting hot dogs on the bonfire.


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