Monday, September 12, 2016

Goodbye Summer

 Upon returning from Colorado, we had about three weeks left of summer vacation. We worked hard on our summer bucket list by picking blueberries (above)...
 ...visiting our favorite parks...
 ...and traveling to the best ice cream spots.
 With friends.

 We attended the Arlington Ward Campout in Sharon, Vermont. Camping is much easier without an infant, so camping solo with three kids is no prob (after this trip, anything is easier). Yes, it helps to be surrounded by all of my favorite people, pack all of my favorite junk food, and have perfect weather.
 Morning selfie!
 We attempted a photo...
 ...and went for a hike using M&Ms for bribery. Insects and snacks mix, right?
 We hiked Patriarch Hill. Oliver only rode on my shoulders half the time (that's an improvement).
 We spent lots of time in the pond. With canoes, kayaks, a floating dock, lots of frogs to catch, and a floating trampoline, there was plenty to keep us happy.
 A few more items on our bucket list: selling lemonade and cookies.
 Sitting in a firetruck.
 Going to Frog Pond on the Boston Common.
 With friends.
 Eating more ice cream.
 Attending a birthday party. This one was pirate-themed.
 Phoebe came out of this covered in tattoos. I washed the tats off her face for church the next day, but her arms/ legs/ neck/ everywhere else were still covered.
 We said goodbye to Domingo the classroom snake and returned him to his home at kindergarten.
 And we went to the Stone Zoo. Whew, summer was wonderful - but exhausting too. I'm ready to hibernate until next summer!


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