Monday, July 02, 2007

Old Orchard Beach

More from Old Orchard Beach.

Natalya's granddaughter and a bunch of kids collected crabs in a big bucket for awhile. There were lots of little pools along the shore and a few rocks where most of the crabs were. Every few minutes, Bruce would look into the bucket of crabs and say, "Wowwww! Cooool!"

That was our Saturday; we had to be back Sunday for church meetings and such. I was released as an Activity Days leader, so I don't get to plan activities for 8-11-year-old girls every two weeks. Instead, I now get to plan huge activities like clam bakes and breakfast parties for 300+ people! I was appointed to serve as the activities chair for the congregation, so I have lots of work ahead of me.

Scott is almost finished with his 6-week clinical rotation at the hospital. He was going to do both rotations this summer, but decided to just do one and get back to research for a bit so he doesn't completely forget what he's doing in the lab.

And there may be more classes to come. Scott really enjoys working with patients at the hospital and is thinking that he may want to be a radiologist. Not exclusively, of course. Ideally, he would have a lab and do research three days a week and then go into the hospital and work with patients twice a week. Anyway, that requires about six more med school classes and a few years as a hospital resident. Can we possibly take more schooling? Sure, why not? We've always been students. What's a few extra years?


Anonymous Rich said...

Emily!! How are you doing? Wow, see what you can find when you get bored at work. I love Old Orchard Beach, and I've road that wooden coaster before! There's a restaurant up there, I can't remember the name, but you could get twin lobsters for $9.95 and they are actually really good. I think the funniest part of our trip was when my mom went in the ocean and a giant wave came and knocked off her glasses...never to be seen again! haha Whew, so long time no talk. I see that you and your hubby are doing well in Boston. Great city, my sister lived there for a little over a year and we've been there to visit numerous times. What part are you guys living in? She was actually out of the city a bit and lived in Framingham. I'm still over in Toledo right now, working at a law firm and enjoying it. Bruce is a cutie! Anyways, I'd love to hear from you. Send me an e-mail sometime if you get the chance: Later Em!

9:09 AM  
Blogger wendster said...

Hi! I saw on Ellen's blog that you inherited the job of Activities Coordinator for your ward. That's the job I used to have in my old ward! Of course, I had the dream team: A food queen, a budgeting queen, an mc/people person, and a decorating queen. I was the decorating queen. Good luck in your new position. At least you have endurance going for you, yes? Runners should do well as activity directors, I'm thinking! And thanks for all the photos. I've visited Boston and Maine and it sure was good to see them again.

1:03 PM  

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