Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! We had some friends from church come over to share in our feast. Scott made a fabulous turkey and some fancy bacon-apple stuffing. I made butter horn rolls, candied sweet potatoes, and blackberry cheesecake. Bruce made the apple pie (with a tiny bit of help). We also put out tofu sausages, corn, and pineapple. Our friends brought rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Yummy! We made a ton of food - and somehow it has already disappeared for the most part.

Bruce hardly ate anything with friends over. He wanted to play the whole day. Just before bed time he requested some macaroni and cheese. With all the good food in the house, he wants mac and cheese?! We gave it to him, and he ate tons.

It snowed for the first time this week. There was about a half-inch on the ground for three hours before it melted. Bruce and I put on our winter gear and headed outdoors to play in it. It wasn't enough to make snowballs, but it was good enough to make footprints in.

The last picture is of the dishwasher spewing bubbles. Apparently this is why there is a market for dishwasher-specific soap. Do not use liquid dish soap in a dishwasher. This is what happens.


Blogger Karyn said...

Emily! Ha ha ha.... love the sudsy dishwasher pic. I bet Bruce loved that.

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