Friday, September 18, 2009

Back to School

It's that time of year again. Scott has been in school for a few weeks now and has been loving every second of it. He comes home every day with weird stories about people with two uteri (yes, that is the plural of uterus - I just looked it up) or otherwise (most of them aren't suitable for this blog!). So far medical school seems pretty fun. Scott still studies hard, of course, but he does it with a big smile across his face - something I never mastered in college.

Bruce just started school this week. He was disappointed that he didn't have the same teachers as last year, but was thrilled to find out that he was in his favorite classroom - the muscle room. There are four preschool classrooms (muscle, puzzle, art, and block) in the school and the kids have some time to wander between them, but the muscle room is Bruce's home room and he is happy about that. It comes with a giant playground-like structure and lots of space to run around. Perfect. Today he saw his girl crush from last year, Ava, and talked about her all the way home.


Blogger Tiffany Strong said...

Dear Bruce,
Today I received the best package ever! It was from you! (mom and dad too) I love you pictures. I am going to place them on my chalk board at my school and make sure all my 6th graders can admire your work! Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!
Love and hope to be seeing you at the Boston Marathon this year,
Tiffany Strong
PS: Em my brother is trying to qualify, so the plan is if he does - I am flying to Boston. I will send you more details! Thanks so much for the package, it made my day!

2:26 AM  

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