Saturday, May 15, 2010

Superhero Birthday Party

Today was Bruce's birthday party. He invited a few friends to come celebrate at the park with us. The superhero costume was optional, but many chose to dress up (and apparently Spider-man is the most popular right now).
It was fun to see all the boys running around in their super-powered state.
We had a pinata, which I made out of some paper mache and an old paper lantern that was heading to the trash anyway. We made it into Joker's head and filled it with Bruce's favorite candy - Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, and Spider-man fruit snacks. Bruce said this was his favorite activity. Take that, Joker!
And that!Here is the crowd of kids diving for candy. Bruce chose to wear his Spider-man bathing suit with junky sweat pants over them. It is his birthday; he can wear what he wants.
Scott was on Phoebe duty for most of the time. Scott is the best.
We had a Pin-the-Bat-Symbol-on-the-Batman Game. I didn't bring a blind fold because Bruce doesn't like them. I just told the kids to close their eyes and I spun them around a few times. This little guy took the game very seriously.
Bruce helped me make the Batman for the game. Bruce insisted that Batman have a pink mask, red cape, and polka-dotted chest. He is also saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."Time for cupcakes!
Yummy!Most of the kids licked the frosting off the top and trashed the cupcakes. That's why I used a boxed cake mix and canned frosting; why spend time on stuff like that? We got Bruce tennis rackets for his birthday. We live near a tennis court and he's been wanting to play for awhile. I was worried he wouldn't like them because when he saw the shape of the present, he said, "It looks like a Star Wars rocket ship! Just what I've always wanted!" So I thought he'd open it and be disappointed that it wasn't a rocket. But he must have forgotten about that expectation when he actually opened it. He was happy.He wasn't so gracious about all his gifts though: here is his face when our neighbor handed him this gift and told him it was a bat. "I already have a bat," Bruce said. Time to work on gift etiquette.

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