Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Week o' Fun

My friend, Sarah, came to visit last week. She lived here for a few years, then packed up and moved to Utah two months ago so her husband could attend business school. We miss her, and Bruce misses her kids. She and her husband owned a business here, and she came to close it down. She stayed with us at night and worked all day (and some nights) to get the job done. It was fun to have her, even for just a bit. We went for a hike last weekend. Bruce loves hiking up big hills, so we found a big one in a big park and went to the top. We celebrated with some goldfish and water.Scott has less than three weeks left to the surgery rotation (and perhaps that's why he's smiling in this picture). This week will be relatively easy, but the last two weeks will be hard. The schedule in the emergency department is 24 hours on, 24 hours off. Ugh.
Phoebe took her first steps last week (the day after that last post, of course) and is getting better at wrestling Bruce to the ground.

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Blogger ellen said...

Bruce has met his match!

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