Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally found what you're lookin' for

Every once in awhile, I check the stats on this web site to see who and how many are visiting. Apparently one person arrived on the blog yesterday for searching for, "thong shirt one piece" (is this a popular search term?! That is one phrase I don't think I'd ever want to type into Google). I'm assuming they arrived at this post. A few months ago, someone arrived at the blog after searching for "no desire to paint my nails," an exact phrase from this post. What did people do before search engines?! Encyclopedia Britannica was not nearly as fun.



Blogger TheKunks said...

haha! Too funny. How do you check the traffic? Sounds like something I would enjoy too.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Go to your Blogger dashboard, then the stats page, then traffic sources for all kinds of fun.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Karyn said...

There was an athletic/yoga gear store in Chicago that carried the very shirt you described. I only know because it was on display on a man mannequin in the store window.

12:36 PM  

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