Sunday, January 02, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Raymonds!

It's been another dry spell on the blog. We've been too busy having fun that we haven't stopped to update the blog this week. My birthday came and went; I got those sporty footed pajamas shown above (and that's Bruce jabbing at a "dino dig" kit that he got for Christmas). On Christmas Eve, we made a zillion treats and delivered most of them until Phoebe freaked out in the car and we went home. Grandpa Bruce came on Christmas Day and stayed with us for a week. He's done the Freedom Trail and most of the touristy stuff around Boston, so we mostly just hung out and enjoyed the company. Above, the two Bruces are checking out remote-controlled motorcycles while little Bruce is wearing duck slippers he got from Grandpa Bruce (they quack!). Bruce wanted science books, science experiments, Legos, and a hula hoop for Christmas. He got everything except the hula hoop, which I refuse to buy until spring since I don't want it around the house all winter.
Phoebe didn't ask for much this Christmas. She has mastered "mom" and "dad," but all her other jabber is nonsense. She got some toys, clothes, and bubble bath, which she happily shared with Bruce.

Scott has been off school for the past two weeks and it's been wonderful! After running many, many miles whenever I want and sleeping in past 4:45, it's going to be hard to go back to the daily grind.

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