Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was a quiet holiday, but a good one nonetheless. We'd planned on having another family over to eat the big meal with us, but their plans changed on the Monday before. On Tuesday, Bruce started throwing up so we decided it'd be best not to invite anyone over. Bruce's bug was gone by Wednesday - he even requested bacon and eggs for dinner that night - and we had a day of peace before the next round of sickness.

I love Thanksgiving and I'm so glad we had that one day barf-free. Not only do I love the food, but I love that it's a whole day of gratitude. We had a "thankful jar" that we filled with things we were grateful for (the top picture is of Bruce reading the slips of paper in the jar). I am thankful for Turkey Trots: I ran a 5K on Thursday morning and ran an 18:53, placing sixth for ladies. I wasn't sure what time to expect since I haven't run a road 5K in awhile, but I'm happy that I broke 19. Now to break 18 minutes...

Thanksgiving has become extra special since Phoebe was born. She came home the day before Thanksgiving last year after what felt like an eternity in the hospital. Last year's Thanksgiving was not as polished: I'd stayed up all night staring at Phoebe making sure she was breathing and unable to sleep from joy and excitement. We'd moved a few days before and still invited friends over for dinner. We unpacked the necessary cooking items and fired up the oven, only to find out that our brand new oven had a defective part. We ended up going to their house for dinner. Everyone cooked while I slept on a futon. I missed out last year, so I'm happy to say that I fully participated this year.

Back to this year: Phoebe started throwing up Thursday night. She vomited lots and vomited frequently. After a few hours of that, I called Scott in a panic (he was working at the hospital that night). He came home, checked Phoebe out, and helped clean up lots of barf. It's taken her longer than Bruce to recover; she threw up this morning and is still a sad sack.

On Friday, Bruce and I braved the crowds and did some Black Friday shopping. We got boring stuff like a battery for our thermometer and a winter coat for long-armed Bruce, but we got them at good prices! After our trip to the mall, we headed to the Museum of Science for some fun. We went to the new K'nex exhibit and Bruce got to make a little windmill to bring home. He has taken apart and reassembled those 15 pieces about a hundred times since.

Bruce helped me decorate for Christmas on Saturday. We have the ugliest fake tree ever, but we decided to put it up and then if we get a real tree, we will redecorate. After putting the kids to bed that night, Scott and I relaxed and watched Teen Wolf, which I had never seen. I think that's the best movie we've seen in awhile (it doesn't help that we've seen some real bombs lately - Waterworld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alice in Wonderland).

Now it is Sunday and I woke up sick. I'm hoping that my recovery time is more like Bruce's and less like Phoebe's!

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Way to go on your race. Happy belated Thanksgiving. :)

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