Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day in the Life of Phoebe

Phoebe is a busy body. She is busy learning all kinds of new tricks... climbing onto Bruce's train table, for instance...
...or trying to escape (since she can just about open the door, I'm heading to Home Depot tomorrow for some childproofing gear)...
...or grabbing a bite when she can manage it. She noticed the pantry door was ajar and helped herself to Target-version Lucky Charms - she skipped over the Cheerios and Fiber One of course.
Phoebe loves to pull all the books off the bookshelf in Bruce's room, which drives him absolutely crazy. Life isn't all mischief though: playdate!Snacktime!Phoebe gets serious about playing...
...three blocks......four blocks!Phoebe likes to climb into this chair in Bruce's room. She must feel really cool because she will just sit there for a few minutes and babble to herself.We wrap up the day with Bruce, who is a very willing reader - although Phoebe is not always a willing listener.



Blogger TheKunks said...

What a doll! She grew up fast. Love how she is so independent.

1:04 AM  
Blogger TandAA :) said...

So fun Mars! To all of the posts, I've finally caught up on all the past and ones up to Speechless Phoebe. Yay! The kiddies are cute and it looks like you guys are definitely having some fun! It's awesome to see what you're up to and have you blogging!

12:15 AM  

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