Friday, March 29, 2013

Ben + Hannah's Wedding

My little brother, Ben, married his sweetheart, Hannah, last Friday. The wedding and festivities were fun, but I'm glad I have awhile until Phoebe is a bride.
We escorted Ben to his wedding in the family Suburban. Marissa took care of Ben's last-minute hair issues with her nail clippers.
 And then my mom took care of Hannah's last-minute hair issues. This was the first time I met Hannah - in the parking lot before the wedding, nervous and anxious, fussing over her hair.
 She was less anxious after the wedding. We took lots and lots of photos...
 ...and videos and more photos....
That night we had an open house near where Hannah's family lives. I think Ben is feeling left out because he doesn't have a beard and several of my other brothers and brothers-in-law are sporting beards right now.At the open house, Ben and Hannah did the traditional cake-cutting and cake-feeding. Hannah smashed it in Ben's face a bit and Phoebe thought this must have been an accident. She grabbed a napkin and ran up to the front to offer it to Ben. She got a big "Awwwww" from the crowd, then returned to me and announced, "I am adorable."
The next day was the Mars reception, which always has lots of food, an amazing cake by Uncle Dan (he doesn't just make doors), music, a wedding video, and lots and lots of relatives and friends. Scott had to work the day before, but got in the car after work and drove all night to be at the reception. Phoebe was happy to have daddy back and got a daddy-daughter dance. Again, here's to many years before we have to put on one of these mega-receptions for Phoebe.

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"I am adorable"
I love your kids!!!

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