Thursday, November 21, 2013

Six months.

Oliver is six months old today. In some ways it seems like he was just born yesterday. But then I look at the photos from when he really was born yesterday and I'm glad that we are past that. I like holding my little guy for more than one hour a day.

And so for family journaling's sake, here's the update on Oliver at six months...

He is about 15 pounds (I think? his appointment is next week) and just started rice cereal a few days ago. Oliver has always wanted to eat at the table with the rest of the fam, so he has been happy to sit in the high chair and nosh on that smelly cereal. Phoebe loves to help feed Oliver, but hasn't been too keen on diaper-changing ever since he peed on her awhile ago.

Oliver still isn't close to sleeping through the night. He has been getting up 2-3x/night lately. Scott keeps telling me I need to get him on a schedule, but I don't remember how to do that; any ideas? 

He smiles a lot. He "talks" by moaning. He loves watching Bruce and Phoebe, and loves listening to Bruce read books to him. Oliver lays next to Bruce and listens to him read comic books aloud almost every day.

Oliver had a nasty case of cradle cap for a few months, but it is now fading away and he is regrowing his hair. It isn't as red as it looked at birth (boo!), and looks like it's growing in a light brown. He still has some original baby hair along the back - his tufty mullet - that is still red.

He loves his freedom. He loves being in the stroller unless I buckle the car seat straps over his shoulders.

Oliver rolled over once last week, but hasn't repeated the attempt despite all the tummy time. We are working with Early Intervention to catch up developmentally, and we are confident he will catch up eventually.

All in all, he is a chubby and happy and healthy baby. And we are thrilled about that.


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