Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Just because.

Remember that failed Halloween evening of trick-or-treating? Oliver never got to don the lobster costume, so we had to do a little photo shoot.
 He still has blue eyes - like Scott. I am hoping they stay that way; they're beautiful.
Oliver got the lobster costume and this little turkey costume from Grandma. Remind you of anything? That's okay; he is too young to protest, or remember.
 Phoebe decided she wanted to dress up too, so she put on one of her many firefighter costumes. She says the face above is her "brave face." 
Phoebe needs her brave face frequently. To say she is accident-prone is an understatement. She is constantly covered in band-aids from various injuries. Yesterday she stepped off the back of a step-stool while baking cookies and landed on her head on the floor. Last Friday she fell down the stairs while running down them in snow-boots; she split her lip open and got a nose bleed (Scott did a lot of cleanup while I heaved on the garage floor just from looking at the mess - thank you Scott!). A few weeks ago at church she was wiggling on the pew and somehow launched herself head-down onto the hard floor. There was a loud crack, everyone looked our way, Phoebe lay still for a few moments, then she started wailing and I carried her out to the hall to calm her down. The guy behind us later said that he had his phone out and ready to call 9-1-1 because he thought she was unconscious. I'm glad that Phoebe is just as accident-prone at school so that they actually believe me when I say she fell down the stairs! After the first week of school, her teacher said she went through a box of band-aids (read: please bring in another box!), and most of them are for legit injuries.

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