Tuesday, December 09, 2014


 It's official: Oliver is 18 months old and finally done breastfeeding. I hid the boppy, so for a few days he carried a pillow around the house and moaned. He appears to have forgiven me though.
 Oliver is still our blue-eyed baby, but his blond hair is looking browner. I cut it a few days after this picture was taken and it looks darker.
 Phoebe has mastered the art of two-wheeled biking. She learned in about three weeks without training wheels. She likes to point that out to Bruce, who had training wheels on for a long time (I tell Phoebe it's because I was holding her as a baby that he needed the training wheels).
 Oliver got a new set of wheels from Grandma. He is the envy of the toddlers at school drop-off.
 On Thanksgiving, we kept things low-key. Scott worked the night before, slept all day, woke up to eat, and then went back to work. We spent the day baking pies and visiting friends (pictured above). Our friends are currently attending MIT but moving back to their native Rwanda soon, so we have been trying to sneak in as much play time as possible. For Thanksgiving dinner, we went over to Miss J's house. Her parents cooked a delicious meal while we played and played and played. We tried to earn our place at the table by bringing apple and blueberry pies along with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. This year we are thankful to not have to cook so much, and Scott is more thankful for sleep than ever.
 On Black Friday, we headed out early and were first in line. At the zoo. We were so early, in fact, that when we got there the parking lot was still being plowed so we went to a park across the street for awhile. The kids loved digging around in the snow.
 When it was almost time for the zoo to open, we got in line. Success: first ones there. We spent a few hours checking out all the animals, spending the most time watching the colobus monkeys. There were two babies that were adorable, two young monkeys that were very active fighting and picking on all the others, and a few adults.
 After the zoo, we headed to McDonald's for some PlayPlace action. It was quite cold outside, so we were ready to play indoors for awhile.
And after McDonald's we went to a park and went sledding for a few minutes. The kids took turns sledding, then Bruce decided he wanted to build some big ramps out of snow - and Phoebe wanted to sled off them. After one or two runs, Phoebe got a face-full of ice and got scraped and bloody, so we had to go.

When we got to our door, we realized that Scott had accidentally locked us out (with the kind of lock that can only be unlocked from the inside) and was asleep. We headed to Dunkin' Donuts and then to the park until he woke up. It was a loooooong Black Friday.

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