Thursday, June 08, 2017

Springtime 2017

After marathon weekend, we headed to one of our favorite places: Acadia National Park. It rained for most of the week, but we hiked during the few dry(er) hours of the day and headed indoors when necessary. We hit up our favorites around Acadia: hiking the Beehive, wandering Sand Beach, biking around Seawall, checking out the top of Cadillac (unfortunately not as impressive when surrounded by rain clouds!), hiking and looking for crabs at Little Moose Island.

 This is where we headed when it really poured out: the local YMCA. A family day pass was quite affordable, so we went swimming, played basketball, and played on the indoor playground.

This spring we have spent a fair amount of time watching K at her track meets. She runs the 100, 200, and 400 meters and does the long jump and high jump. She ran the 800 meters once but was not a big fan of the distance. She made it to the regional meet in the 200 meters and with her 4 x 100-meter relay team, so we came along as cheerleaders.
 A few women from church and I organized a fundraiser for the International Institute of New England, a local agency that helps refugees resettle. We raised $3,000 at the silent auction, which included such lovely offerings like the doggie play date pictured above. Phoebe and another boy engaged in a bidding war, but Phoebe came out on top and scored a play date with Goose the Dog. For a few hours, we walked and fed Goose. Both the dog and Phoebe were very happy.
 May is birthday month at our house. We celebrated Bruce and Oliver's birthdays with a party at the city pool. I didn't get a single picture because I was in the pool the whole time, but the kids had a blast. Above is the only evidence from that party: the Bat-man cake. We celebrated their actual birthdays a week later. Now Oliver thinks he has two birthdays a year.
This happened: Scott officially graduated from his radiology residency at MGH! The end is near: we have two years left of fellowship! The hours can be grueling, but hey what's new?!! We are just so glad we live near the hospital so Scott does not have a long commute and the kids can actually see him. We are so so so blessed. Having K live with us is a blessing too: last week Scott was on-call but at home. We managed to sneak in a spontaneous date by going to a restaurant a block away while having K watch the kids (she's always happy to earn a little extra money). Thankfully, Scott didn't get called in during our date. Gotta take the opportunities when they come!
I wrote a story about a cool place to run around Boston and took pictures at a race that was located there. I brought Phoebe and Oliver with me to cover the story and they enjoyed the festivities.
 It almost felt like summer...
 ...but it has been a very rainy cool spring. It has been in the 50s-60s this week, but I have a 50K planned for this weekend, so of course it's going to be 75 degrees and sunny. This is my first real ultra (unless you count this) that I am planning to race rather than just finish. I feel like I am ready for the distance, but I'm a little nervous about all the trails. I ran a trail 5K last weekend and came out with a huge scratch and bruise on my arm from colliding with a tree while barreling downhill. Still, I won and got the course record by a minute. I'm hoping to stay on my feet, not break anything, and run fast this weekend.

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