Friday, July 21, 2006

A Little Siesta

Another picture of my boys. They're just so cute.

This week has been good, but crazy. Last Saturday I ran a 5-mile race on a hilly course and ran a 29:43. I was behind the lead woman for 4.5 miles, then caught her and got the win. Woohoo. I ran another 5-mile race last night, but it was on a very flat and fast course. No ladies fought me for the win, so I ran with some guys for a 28:53. I'm running lots and lots now, gearing up for a half-marathon next month and a marathon in October.

Besides the running, I've been working a ton trying to stock up hours so I can take some time off next week. Scott has been working on his qualifying exam for school a lot this week, along with making a mouse phantom out of mints or something (you'll have to ask him about that one). Bruce is sooo close to walking on his own. We got him a tiny shopping cart that he pushes around the house and outside and everywhere. He picks things up and puts them in the cart and pushes it around. Yesterday, he put a pile of Scott's papers (on the bottom of the bookshelf - bad spot) in the cart and he'd walk a few steps, take a piece of paper out, throw it, walk a few more steps, take a piece of paper out, throw it...

Supposedly, some tropical storm hit Massachusetts last night. But honestly, it just sprinkled here. So no worries, we're all here; our house isn't floating away or anything.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Hot Out Here!

It's been quite hot and humid lately. Last Sunday we got out our kiddie pool (one of our neighbors gave it to us!) and lounged in the backyard. Bruce had a great time with all his toys and I had a great time playing with my Nikon D100. And as for the humidity, one of my Greater Boston Track Club teammates put it this way: "It's so hot that you hang up your towels and instead of drying, they just grow legs and walk away."

I Love My Boys!

Scott and Bruce are two peas in a pod. When Scott comes home from school/work every day, Bruce will hear the door (usually we're in the kitchen making dinner) and will get all excited. When he sees Scott, he starts getting all breathy and wants to be held. Scott always goes straight to the bathroom to wash all the nasty public transportation germs off his hands, and Bruce usually starts crying until he comes back out and picks him up.

And I can see why Bruce loves him so much. Besides the fact that I think Scott is incredibly smart, handsome, and kind, he is definitely a fantastic dad. Scott usually gets up around 5 in the morning (when Bruce gets up) to watch him while I go running. By the time I get back, Bruce is most often sitting in his high chair smiling and eating eggs and toast with Scott. Scott always puts Bruce to sleep by wrapping him up in a blanket and laying down with him on the futon in his room. Bruce loves to be held real close (he's an affectionate kid - there's a picture of him trying to kiss Scott); he goes to sleep quickly that way.

Scott has been working all hours of the day and night trying to finish a poster for his advisor. The poster showcases all the work he's been doing in the lab so his advisor can go show it off to some big wigs somewhere (Canada? Madrid? Orlando? I can't remember anymore). I think everyone will breathe a little easier once that is done.

We went camping last weekend in Sharon, Vermont. We drove up Friday night and got there with just enough of the sunset to set up our tent. We threw our foil dinners on a fire and didn't get to eat them until about 10 pm. We were so hungry. Bruce stayed up with us until 11, then we all went to sleep. In the morning, we went for a ridiculously hilly run. The campground where we stayed was at the top of a steep 2-mile hill, so it was gorgeous. We could see the tops of hills poking out from the fog in the morning. Anyways, Scott insisted that he come running and bring the stroller, so off we went down the hill. Even going downhill with a stroller is hard because you sortof have to pull back to keep it from shooting off the side of the road into a ravine or something. Scott was definitely very sore from that four miles.

After our run, we went to the Joseph Smith birthplace and memorial. We took a tour and walked around the grounds. It was really cool to be in such a historical and spiritual place.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4

Happy Fourth of July.

Bruce has been feeling under the weather lately. It started with major lethargy (so not normal for him) and a fever, then it went away and cold symptoms appeared. Then those faded and now he's got this crazy rash all over. Classic Fifth's Disease. But the good news is that the rash doesn't itch and he's feeling much better. Woohoo.

To celebrate Independence Day, Bruce and I are laying around the house and playing. I am avoiding all kinds of work, while Scott is celebrating his freedom to do work. He is "celebrating" at the lab for a few hours today. Tonight we will actually do something fun: do the traditional barbecue (with non-traditional veggie burgers). We probably won't do fireworks though. Some of our neighbors were setting some off last night and Bruce was really scared.

Happy Fourth! And Happy Birthday Dad!