Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4

Happy Fourth of July.

Bruce has been feeling under the weather lately. It started with major lethargy (so not normal for him) and a fever, then it went away and cold symptoms appeared. Then those faded and now he's got this crazy rash all over. Classic Fifth's Disease. But the good news is that the rash doesn't itch and he's feeling much better. Woohoo.

To celebrate Independence Day, Bruce and I are laying around the house and playing. I am avoiding all kinds of work, while Scott is celebrating his freedom to do work. He is "celebrating" at the lab for a few hours today. Tonight we will actually do something fun: do the traditional barbecue (with non-traditional veggie burgers). We probably won't do fireworks though. Some of our neighbors were setting some off last night and Bruce was really scared.

Happy Fourth! And Happy Birthday Dad!


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