Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let the Wild Rumpus Start.

Today was the dedication service for our new church building. Ellen was there taking pictures and snapped this one of Phoebe giving a good deer-in-the-headlights look.

The big event this week was Scott's board exam on Wednesday. He said it went okay, which translates to it went well. When Scott says that he "bombed" a test, it usually means that he got a "B" instead of an "A." I'm sure he will roll his eyes and protest this, but I'm sure he did very well. Now that that's out of the way, he starts full-time in the hospital on Monday. He is excited. Giddy even. We watched Boston Med, a docu-drama on TV profiling real stories from the hospitals in Boston, and Scott could hardly go to sleep that night. He's ready.

Bruce is enjoying the summer "vee-cay-shun," as he calls it. Now that preschool is finished for the year, he has a bucket list of things to do. This week we've hiked, picked blueberries, visited the Museum of Science, and gone to a splash park a few times. He signed up for the summer reading program at the library and is determined to win all the erasers and bouncy balls.

Phoebe is eight months old and getting fun. She is ticklish. She babbles and smiles. She recognizes her name and gets excited. She is sleeping for longer stretches; not quite through the night, but I'll take six hours.

All in all, life is good but crazy. I'm still hunting for just the right job with the right hours, pay, and location. Scott's year of random hours in the hospital begins tomorrow. Let the wild rumpus start.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Dressed Up....

...and nowhere to go.

This is the beautiful dress that Phoebe was supposed to wear for her Aunt Nancy's wedding (before she got sick and couldn't go). Isn't she gorgeous?


Peas Please

Bruce got a few seeds and paper cups from an Earth Day activity at the Children's Museum. We planted the peas and when they outgrew the paper cups, we transplanted them into a pot. We don't have any dirt included with our condo, although we're on a waiting list to get a community garden plot (we're told it'll be three more years!). For now, the pot in the window will have to do. We've been hanging string to hold up the pea plant, and yesterday the vine made it to the top of the window. Now what?!We've loved watching the tiny vines wrap around the string and climb up the window.
And completely unrelated from peas is this photo of Bruce, dressed as Darth Vader with a baby blanket for a cape and a Bumbo chair for a mask. Frightening, isn't he?

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Beach Bums

Here are a few pictures from our pre-race beach party last weekend.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Working It

Just to update this blog, here are three things that happened this week:

1. I polished my resume and sent it out to a bunch of places. The recession caught up to the camera web site business, so now I'm off to other things. Marketing perhaps?

2. Bruce's best buddy, Christian, came to visit us (and his family too!). We met at the Children's Museum, had lunch at The Barking Crab, and hung out on the beach together.

3. The beach is connected to the last event of the week: the Seaside Stride 5K. Christian and his mom hung out on the beach with Scott, Bruce, and Phoebe, while I went for a little run along the beach. I won in 19:53 and felt great!

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